A Big Tip Help You Save A Ton Of Money Order Barware From China

Barware products especially bar mat, glasses, cocktail set, ice bucket are essential in restaurants, distilleries and breweries. There is no doubt that buy from China is great way to save your budget. But some of people would say that might be the bar mat, glasses, cocktail set is cheap but the freight make them scared. Especially for small company who need small quantity.

Actually, it’s not.

Today I am here to share with you a useful tip. Even though you need only few hundreds, there some method you might not know to save your budget a lot. As well as your time.

There a lot of shipping way from China to around the world. Like Express, Air, Sea, Land, Rail transport.Today I going to share with you the with the Rail transport.


Railway is a popular channel in recent years in Europe. Because China advocates the “Belt and Road”.  “From January to April, the state-owned railway freight volume exceeded 1 billion tons, a year-on-year increase of 2.4%.”( Data from China National Railway Group)

Cheaper– cheaper than air transport

Big volume  –  container transportation

Stable –  departure every day and on time

Faster – the current fastest time record is 11 and a half days

Customs clearance  –  simple and a variety of products can be transported.

Door-to-door service  –  the same freight as by sea but the delivery time is only half of by sea

Now, get start with this is tip to order yourself branded barware from!



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