Daiquiri Cocktail Recipe to Make at Home

Ingredients: White rum, fresh squeezed lime juice, sugar 


2 oz white rum 

1 oz fresh-squeezed lime juice

¾ oz simple syrup

Combine ingredient in a mixing glass with ice and shake well. Strain into a coupe.

Backstory: The daiquiri is a classic rum sour drink. Most people too often associate the Daiquiri with the stuff of spring break blackouts and mind-splitting hangovers, but it was bastardized. 

During the Spanish-American war, it was invented by an American in the town of Santiago de Cuba. By the early-1900s, it became the favorite drink of everyone in America from JFK to Hemingway (the “Hemingway Daiquiri” is now a slightly different variant). The daiquiri is one of the six basic drinks listed in David A. Embury’s classic The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks, which also lists some variations.